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Hey There,

I’ve got a question for you:
How much time do you spend interacting with potential customers and clients on social media?
If you’re like most entrepreneurs, artists, fitness professionals, and other influencers, I’d say it’s a LOT.

I mean, you know that social media (and especially Instagram) is where your perfect customers and followers are… and you know that interacting with them in a meaningful way is the best strategy for turning them into long-term paying customers.

It’s also an amazing way to get targeted leads without having to pay for them!

So that’s where you’re spending your time.

But here’s the obvious problem with that. When you’re liking posts or leaving comments or whatever, you’re not actually doing what you love, whether that’s running your business, creating art, working with clients, or just entertaining your followers.  
I know, because that’s how I used to spend my time too.
My name is Adam. I’m an entrepreneur who has found a way to get 30-100 targeted leads per day on autopilot. But it wasn’t always that way…

I’d be hitting Instagram accounts all day long, leaving relevant comments and liking posts so that the owners would notice my business and, hopefully, want to find out more about me and follow my Instagram page.

Not that it wasn’t working – with over 700 million users on Instagram, there were always plenty of people who would come check me out (and turn into highly engaged followers).

But it felt like that was all I was doing.

So I started searching for other options, so I could get back to actually working on my business, instead of “playing” on Instagram all day.  
I hired some guys at $150 a month to do the work for me. But that took time to train them… plus, they didn’t do all that great of a job (if they did anything at all). It basically ended up being a HUGE waste of money… not a good thing, especially if you’re just starting out!
Eventually, I figured out that the only effective way to get noticed was to AUTOMATE the process.
Let’s face it… in order to connect with your ideal followers at scale, there’s no way that you can get around automating the process. So I hired some developers, told them what I wanted, and turned them loose. 

But I had some very specific ideas about the Instagram Growth Service. 

I didn’t want it to just be another one of those crappy bots that just spew random comments and “like” the first 3 posts on every Instagram page they find. I’m sure you’ve probably seen a few “interactions” on your own page that obviously didn’t come from a real, breathing human being. Nobody wants that… and if you use one of those bots, you’re only going to cheapen your brand!

I’m talking about a service that interacts just like a human would.

And I wanted it to be easy to set up. I’m a big fan of super-simple dashboards where you can just choose your preferences and have the service go to work. 

I didn’t have time to go through a bunch of tutorials and spend hours setting everything up (and I’m sure you don’t either). 

Now, it was a bit of a long process – I went through quite a few versions before I found something I was happy with… but finally, my developers produced the exact Growth Service I needed to massively scale my interactions on Instagram… while virtually eliminating the time I had to spend on social media.  

If you’re game, I’d like to introduce it to you: 
Meet BuzzFollow
It’s like having an army of Instagram posters… but it won’t “flake” on you or eat up your profits every month.
With one simple-to-use service, you get to finally get away from your Instagram account, because it will “like” and comment on other targeted users posts on your behalf… bringing leads and sales to you 24/7!
But no one will ever suspect that you’re using this Instagram Growth Service to interact with their pages. 

I call it “Intelligent Human Engagement Mirroring.” 

That’s just a fancy way of saying that it’s designed to interact with users in the exact same way a human being would.  

You see, when a human lands on an Instagram user’s page, they don’t just like the first three posts and then leave.  

And they don’t leave comments on a half-dozen posts in under 15 seconds, either.  

Well, neither does Buzzfollow.  

Instead, the sophisticated mirroring algorithms carefully choose which posts to “like” and comment on, and spreads out these interactions over several minutes (like a human would). 

And the comments aren’t gibberish – they’re articulate and relevant to the posts! 
And Here’s Something Else You Won’t Get With Cheap Instagram “Bots”…
Unlike other Instagram posting services, BuzzFollow lets you fully target WHO you want the Instagram Growth Service to interact with, and HOW you want it to interact.

Just to give you a few examples, you can… 
  • Interact with users who follow specific Instagram accounts (such as influencers in your niche)
  • Interact with media that is geotagged to a specific location or business
  • Interact with content containing the #hashtags you specify
  • Interact with users who comment and like posts in specific accounts
  • Interact with posts and media that have comments and likes within a certain number range (say, between 50 and 100 likes)
  • Autofollow pages with any of the criteria listed above
  • And much, MUCH more!
PLUS, the dashboard is so simple, you can complete setup and have thisInstagram Growth Service running in under 4 minutes! (There are several short videos to walk you through any of the tech stuff if you get stuck, though.)
But Why Instagram? Shouldn’t I Be Focusing on [Insert Social Media Site Here]?
Instagram has now become the #1 platform for entrepreneurs, influencers, artists, coaches… literally anyone who is trying to generate leads for their business or grow their brand.

There are thousands of potential clients and leads scrolling through Instagram daily just WAITING to be sold. As a matter of fact- there are over 700 million Instagram users. 

Not only is it FREE TRAFFIC, but it has become SO easy to acquire a customer as long as you’re being resourceful and using the right tools… 
Which Channels Bring the Most Engaged Traffic?
Ready to Grow Your Influence, Lead List, and Income on Autopilot? 
Right now, you have a chance to try out BuzzFollow for yourself for 14 days at absolutely no cost. Connect your Instagram accounts, set up your preferences, and let the Instagram Growth Service go to work interacting with targeted users and pages… and bring you a steady flow of FREE leads day and night!

Once you’ve seen the raw power of Buzzfollow, you’re not going to want to give it up. So after your trial period is over, you can keep using the Instagram Growth Service for just $49 per month… or upgrade to our Turbo version, which interacts with users and pages at 3X the speed of our standard version! 

Of course, if you don’t like automatically bringing in targeted leads and followers day and night, you can always cancel before the end of your trial period and pay nothing. But frankly, I can’t think of any reason why you’d want to do that.  
But That’s Not All – You’re Also Getting THIS with Your 14-Day FREE Trial…
I know you’re in a hurry to claim your 14-Day trial and start growing your following (and sales) with BuzzFollow… but I wanted to tell you quickly about a super-useful BONUS I’m throwing in:
It’s called “Instagram Growth Secrets.”
I’ve created this course by analyzing the 100 hottest brands on Instagram, and distilling what I’ve learned into a simple explanation of what they all have in common. 

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this eye-opening BONUS course: 
  • What to say in your Instagram bio to pique curiosity and get a flood of followers fast.
  • One special type of link proven to get up to 25% more clicks than standard links.
  • One little-known posting that only Instagram users with 100K+ followers use.
  • Why everything you’ve been taught about #hashtags is  DEAD wrong… and what to do instead.
  • How to turn your followers into money the RIGHT way. My students have made as much as $28K from a single picture with this simple technique.
  • And much, MUCH more!
Now, I’ve been charging $197 for Instagram Growth Secrets as a standalone training… but as my way of saying “thanks” for trying out BuzzFollow, I’m giving it to you at no charge when you start your 14-day FREE trial today!
Access your 14-day FREE trial of BuzzFollow… and get back to doing what you love now!
Oh, and one last thing – after you’ve had the chance to use BuzzFollow, drop me a line and let me know how much easier it’s made getting FREE, red-hot leads and followers!
P.S.: If you hired 3 people to post and “like” Instagram posts on your behalf, you’d be paying about $50 a month… and that’s on the cheap end! If you hang on to BuzzFollow after the free trial period, you’re only paying about 12% of that amount (and getting far better results)! Access your 14-day FREE trial now!
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