Here's How To Use BuzzFollow If You Are a Network Marketer / Affiliate Marketer
Step #1
Link Your Instagram Account!
It takes 2 seconds. Just put in your Instagram username and password and you'll be connected to BuzzFollow!
Step #2
Identify Your Target Audience
Figure out who you ideal customer / follower is by answering these 4 questions.

Where are they located in the world? Which #'s do they use or associate with? What usernames are they already following? What's a question you could ask to begin a conversation with this market?
Step #3
Tell BuzzFollow Who To Engage With
Remember those 4 questions from Step #2? 

Just input your answers into BuzzFollow.

The location, the hashtags, and the usernames. (You can even get real fancy with your targeting, but we'll keep it simple for now)
Step #4
Let BuzzFollow Go To Work!
Let BuzzFollow start interacting and engaging with your target market. 

BuzzFollow brings you new followers and leads everyday on auto-pilot for a fraction of the cost you'd pay a social media manager.
Step #5
Start Your 14 Day FREE Trial!
Yes, that means you can get your own BuzzFollow account today for FREE, and put us to the test.

If we don't help you increase your influence, save you time, and help you get free leads on auto-pilot, then let us know anytime in that 14 day window and you won't be billed anything.
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